DIY (51) – Baby bib

Hi everyone!!

I love the designs that baby clothes usually have. Unfortunately, they get easily stained.

Here is an idea for recycling fabric that you have at home.

You will find a simple version and a siecond one with a practical pocket!

Let’s start

DIY N. 51



quilting cotton – waterproof fabric (for the pocket bib) – 5 cm velcro – sewing tools – sewing machine (if you don’t have one, you can sew it yourself because it’s really easy) – bib sewing pattern (at the end of this post)

For the non-pocket bib cut out two bib pieces from quilting cotton, while for the pocket bib you will need to cut out one bib piece from quilting cotton and one bib piece from waterproof fabric. Cut the pocket from waterproof fabric.

Pin the two sides of the Velcro to the two sides of the bib. Make sure to choose the same side (both left for example). Center the Velcro on the straps. (If doing a waterproof bib, the hook side of the Velcro should be on the waterproof fabric and not the quilting cotton.)

Sew around the Velcro to secure. You can skip sewing the short side of the Velcro along the raw edge of the fabric.

If doing a pocket fold the pocket piece on the fold line. Pin it to the bottom of the waterproof bib. Baste it on along the raw edge.

Pin the front and back bib pieces right sides together.

Sew all around the edge and leave a 4 inch (about 10 cm) hole for turning. Backstitch when you start and stop.

Notch the outer curves and clip the inner curves.

Turn the bib right side out through the hole. Push out the curves and roll out the seams.

Press the bib flat. If using a waterproof bib use a warm iron, press from the back, and use a press cloth! Be careful not to melt your fabric.

Edgestitch around the edge and close the hole.



DIY (50) – Roses made with ribbon

Hi everyone!!

Today we will see how to do these beautiful roses using a simple ribbon and glue or by sewing them together.


DIY N. 50



ribbon – needle and thread or glue

Follow the tutorial below to see the procedure.

It’s in Italian but it’s very easy to understand.