DIY Gifts (58) – Faux Fur Santa Hat

Yesterday we saw how to do a pom pom from faux fur fabric and we said that once done you could stick it to a hat. Weel, today we will see how to make a Faux Fur Santa Hat!

Free sewing pattern and tutorial for sewing a Santa hat with a soft faux fur brim and pompom! This easy project has 3 sizes so it is perfect for the whole family! Kids and adults both will love dressing up in this soft hat on Christmas!

Gift No. 58



Faux fur fabricRed velour fabric – Fabric scissorsPins110 sewing machine needle. This thicker size of needle helps sew through thick layers of fabric – Hand sewing needlePolyester thread (red and white) – StuffingWalking foot (optional, but highly recommended for sewing thick layers of fabric) – FREE Santa hat sewing pattern (You can copy the link or you can find this and other free patterns if you subscribe on Cucicucicoo. The Newsletter is sent out every two weeks and you can unsubscribe whenever you want. Sign up for the Newsletter here for access to dozens of free downloads, templates and patterns! If you are already subscribed, just look at the bottom of the last Newsletter you received for the link and password.) Sign up for the Newsletter here

Print the pages without scaling or fitting (100%), then cut off the page margins and tape the pages together so that they look like the image above.

Cut out all the pattern pieces.

I suggest cutting out the pattern along size Large lines because you can simply fold down the edges to sew the smaller sizes. That way you’ll keep the full pattern intact and you can sew different sizes from it without having to print and assemble it again.

The three sizes are:

  • Size S: head circumference up to 54 cm. This is generally find for children up to 6-8 years.
  • Size M: head circumference up to 57 cm. This is a good standard size, similar to what you’d find in a store.
  • Size L: head circumference up to 60 cm. This is for men or larger sized heads.

Fold the pattern pieces to the chosen size.

Notice that there are two sets of size lines on the brim piece. I suggest using the “Cut 1” lines, but if you can’t fit that size onto your white fabric, you can cut two smaller rectangles along the “Cut 2” lines.

Lay out the red fabric and fold the edge over, with right sides facing. If the fabric has a nap (the long fibers in a specific direction), make sure that it goes downwards, like the arrow on the pattern.

Cut out the fabric and pin the pieces together, then put them aside for now.

Sew up each side of the hat with a 1 cm (5/8″) seam allowance, then sew a zigzag stitch along the raw edges (or use a serger/overlock machine) to keep them from fraying.

I suggest you start from the bottom and work your way up. There’s no need to clip the seam allowances at the tip of the hat as you would normally do.

Put the hat aside for now.

Sewing the white fur brim:

A. Fold the brim piece in half, joining the short ends. Pin in place, then sew down the side with a 1 cm (5/8″) seam allowance. If you cut two pieces for the brim, put the two pieces right sides facing, with the fur going in the same direction, and sew both sides with a 1 cm (5/8″) seam allowance.

B. Fold the brim in half, wrong sides facing, so that the fur is outwards. Match up the seam/s from step A.

C. Pin the seam/s together, making sure that the edges are matched up.

D. If you cut one piece for the brim, flatten it so that the pinned seam is at one end. Match up the edges on the other end and put a pin through the two layers.

E. Remember to always match up the raw edges. Here you can see that they are not lined up. If that happens, put up the lower layer and repin them together.

F. Flatten the brim again, but this time matching up the two pins at the center.

G. Insert a pin into the two folded ends, remembering to match up the raw edges.

H. The raw edges of the hat brim are now split into fourths. I suggest you continue flattening the brim, matching up adjacent pins so that you can find and pin the halfway points between each. Having the brim split into eighths will make sewing it easier.

Do the same thing with the opening of the hat. Because the two sides are already marked by the seams, match them up in the center and them mark each edge with a pin.

If you split the brim into eighths, do the same with the hat edges.

Attaching the brim to the hat:

I. Hold the fur brim so that the fur goes down away from the cut edge. If it goes up towards the edge, flip it the other way around.

J. Slip the hat (still wrong side out) inside the circle of the brim.


K. Join the pin at the brim seam with one of the pins in the center of one side of the hat. Match up the raw edges and pin the three layers together. This will be the back of your hat. (If you sewed the “Cut 2” brim, I suggest you match up the two brim seams with the two hat seams.)

L. Rotate the hat and continue joining the corresponding pins of brim and hat. Remember to join the hat side seams too, even if they aren’t pinned.

Now the brim is pinned onto the hat, and is split into fourths (or eighths, if you chose to).

Open up the free arm of your sewing machine (if it has one) and slip the hat opening around it. Then sew around the opening with a 1 cm (3/8″) seam allowance (top image above).

Then sew a wide zigzag stitch around the raw edges (bottom image above).

Turn the hat right side out, then fold up the brim, so that the stitching is hidden under it.

Now your Santa hat is ready and you can add the pom pom!

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