DIY (259) – Dog puppet

Hi evryone!!!!

Yesterday we saw how to sew a doll. Today instead we will see how to make a very nice puppet (dog).

All you need is a needle, thread, padding and some colored fabric.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 259



colored fabric – needle and thread – scissors – padding – template (below) – reinforced fabric

Begin by transferring the design below onto the fabric (x 2 for the body right side against right side).
Cut the lower part (twice) on reinforcement fabric.
Cut your ears off four times.

Leave an edge of about 3 cm from the seam.

Sew all pieces together (leaving a small hole to insert the filling).
Your puppet is ready!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!


DIY (243) – Very easy DIY puppets: giraffe

Hi evryone!!!!

Have you ever thought about creating your own puppets for your children?

Do you think it’s very complicated?

Try to make this giraffe and then tell me if it was so complicated. 🙂

If you really don’t like sewing, you can also use hot glue.

Let’s get started!!!

DIY N. 243



colored fabric – needle and thread (or hot glue if you really do not want to try it with the sewing ;-)) – padding – twine or tape (for the ponytail) – scissors – template (below)

Print the template below and cut it out

Fold a piece of fabric in half (right against right).

With pins pass through the two pieces of fabric (so that they stay together.

Draw the borders on one side of the fabric.

Cut the two pieces of fabric leaving about 1/2 cm for the seam.

Sew leaving a small hole to insert the padding and for the tail.

Turn the line so the right side is outward.

Insert the padding, insert the tail and sew the last remaining piece.

Your giraffe is ready!

I hope you enjoyed also today’s creative idea.

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY!!!


DIY (208) – Boomerang origami

Hi everyone!!!

Here we are with an activity that will entertain even your kids: the creation of a boomerang with the origami method.

A practical idea to do outdoors with very few materials!

Let’s get started!

DIY N. 208



colored cardstock (not too often because you will have to fold it easily)

First, make a square out of a rather light cardboard.

Follow the directions in the image below.

I hope you also enjoyed today’s creative idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.


DIY (123) – Tic Tac Toe

Hi everyone!!!

Summer is getting closer and closer… what about preparing this tic tac toe game simply by coloring rocks and using a piece of wood for the base.

You will have so many entertainment hours ahead with your kids… before by creating the game and later by playing!

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 123



a large piece of wood (circular or rectangular, as you prefer) – acrilic colors – brush

As you may have guessed from the picture, this project doesn’t need too many instructions; just your creativity together with a large piece of wood, acrylic colors and rocks.

In the first place, choose 9 rocks per symbol (for a total of 18). I suggest that you find them all approximately of the same size.

Color them with the acrylic paints and at last draw an x on nine of them and a circle on the other nine remaining.

Take large wood base and draw the tic tac toe scheme.

Your game is ready! It will be fun for the very young but als for the adults.

I hope you liked today’s idea! 🙂

See you tomorrow with another DIY!

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DIY (99) – Washer pendants

Hi everyone!

Does this happen to you too? … you want to use your favourite nail polish but it’s old?

Don’t throw it away!

Let’s start!

DIY N. 99



industrial washers – nail polish

This is so much fun!

Collect all your old nail polishes and color these easy to find industrial washers.

You can paint layers, letting them dry in between, or if you are impatient like us, paint it all while it is wet. We added dots to some, blobs to others, and also made some swirly ones.

To get the swirly affect, use a toothpick and drag through all of your colors. For the one above I used alternating colors of white, but, and orange in stripes, then swirled through all of them in a circular motion.

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

DIY (98) – Homemade stamps

Hi everyone!

Would you like to create your own greeting cards?

There are many ways for creating beautiful ones, but today’s idea is really easy and will give a boost to your creativity!

I’m talking of homemade stamps. Once you make these ones you will be able to re use them a million times.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 98



tiny boxes or large bottle caps – twine (thick) – hot glue – acrylic colors – paint brush – cardstock (colored or white, as you prefer)

First of all, choose a tiny box or a large bottle cap that will be the base of your stamp.

It’s very important that it’s quite stiff and strong for your stamp to work well.

Now you can use two ways to create your stamps: with hot glue (you will need to transfer a design on your box and then go over it with the hot glue), or, the quickest way (and also the best at the beginning), using twine.

Create spirals or go over a drawing that you printed from the internet and stick it with glue o your box/cap.

For this post I made straight lines and spirals, which are very simple and you can do them yourself.

I suggest to use quite a thick twine: the stamp will definitely work better!

Now choose the color and apply it to your stamp with a paintbrush on the cardstock. I used acrylic colors and it’s best to add very little water (and I mean very little, it may be enough to put the brush in a bit of water and then in the color), so that it won’t dry out while you apply it on the stamp.

Hope you liked this idea!

See you tomorrow with another easy DIY.

DIY (97) – Super easy bear

Hi everyone!

Just last week one of my best friends, who has a nursery, asked me if I could come up with something that is super easy for the mothers of these children who are often busy with work but would, nonetheless, like to create a homemade toy.

I found this bear for which you need only two pieces to sew.

Don’t you think the result is amazing? I absolutely love it.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 97



fabric – needle and thread – filling – pattern (below)

Start by printing the pattern in the size desired.

Cut the shape of the pattern and copy it two times on the fabric (the second time you have to reverse the pattern).

Cut out the shape from the fabric (leaving a seam of about 1 cm).

Place right with right and sew, leaving a small opening on the side in order to put the filling.

At last close the opening.

If you want to make this plushie for younger kids, I suggest not to use a flurry material for safety reasons.

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DIY (97) – Orsetto super facile

Buongiorno a tutti!!!

Proprio la settimana scorsa una delle mie migliori amiche, che ha un asilo nido, mi ha chiesto se potevo trovare qualcosa di super facile per le madri di questi bambini, spesso impegnate con il lavoro, ma che, tuttavia, vorrebbero creare un giocattolo fatto in casa.

Ho trovato questo orso composto da solo due pezzi da cucire.

Non credete che il risultato sia eccezionale? Io lo trovo simpaticissimo!!


DIY N. 97



tessuto – ago e filo – imbottitura (tipo quella dei cuscini) – template (vedi sotto)

Iniziate stampando il modello nella dimensione desiderata.

Tagliate la forma del modello e copiatelo due volte sul tessuto (per la seconda volta è necessario invertire il modello).

Ritagliate la forma dal tessuto (aggiungendo 1 cm circa per la cucitura).

Posizionare a diritto con diritto e cucire, lasciando una piccola apertura sul lato per mettere il ripieno.

Infine chiudete l’apertura che avete utilizzato per riempire l’orsetto.

Create occhi e baffetti con ago e filo.

Se avete intenzione di fare questo pupazzo per bambini più piccoli, vi consiglio di utilizzare un tessuto non peloso.

Il vostro pupazzo è pronto

DIY (92) – Plushies: easy to sew bunny

Hi everyone!

I absolutely adore this bunny! You don’t need to be very good in sewing to create one and you will find the pattern at the end of this post.

By the way, it’s done with an old sweater.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 92



old sweater – filling – needle and thread – colored fabric for the scarf – permanent marker

Start by printing the pattern. Cut the pieces and copy them on the fabric (I used an old sweater).

Sew together the ears and the arms (right sides together) leaving a little opening for inserting the filling.

Put the filling and close with an invisible point if you use normal fabric. With wool you won’t have this problem because if you sew carefully it will be hidden in the wool.

Use a thread that is as close as possible to the color of the fabric.

Once you have filled and closed the ears and arms, place them inside the pieces of the body (see picture). Also in this case the two body parts must be right side with right side.

Pin the pieces so that they won’t move. Sew the body parts leaving an opening for taking out the ears and arms once you reverse it. If you find this step too complicated, you can join the two parts of the body and after stick the ears and arms with needle and thread.

Put the filling in the body and close.

Draw the eyes with a permanent marker.

Draw a triangle for the nose and sew with pink thread (fill the triangle).

For the mouth, always with a pink thread, make a single stitch starting from the nose down. Repeat returning with the stitch to the nose. Don’t tighten the not too much, so that the line will keep straight.

Cut a piece of colored fabric for the scarf, add it to your bunny and you’re done!


For the arms I used the lower part of the sweater which has a texture.

DIY (79) – Bottle recycle 2: puppets

Hi everyone!!

Here we are on our second date with plastic recycling.

Today we will make these beautiful puppets! Obviously this is an activity that you can do with your children.


DIY N. 79



2 large size plastic bottles – hot glue – acrylic colors – fabric, ribbons and/or pon pons to decorate

Cut about half a plastic bottle and a little less than half of another one that will be the top of your puppet.

Stick together the two pieces with hot glue.

Give a white acrylic base and draw the front of your puppet.

Color the top with the color you prefer.

Decorate the hat and insert the eyes and mouth.

Finish by attaching the pon pon and the scarf made from leftover fabric.

Your recycled plastic puppet is ready!

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