Saving at home – eggplant rolls with sardines and pepperoni

Today we will prepare a recipe with as main ingredients sardines, (typical fish from the Adriatic Sea, but if you prefer, you can easily replace them with anchovies which will make this recipe even easier since you won’t have to remove the bones), eggplant, and pepperoni.

The preparation of this recipe takes about an hour, but does not present particular difficulties.


Involtini di saraghine, melanzane e peperoni | 1000 Ricette

Ingredients for 4 people: 300 g sardines (anchovies are also fine) – 2 eggplants – 1 red pepperoni – 1 chili (hot) pepper – 1 garlic clove – chopped parsley – 1 glass of white wine (or apple cider vinegar) – salt and pepper – extra virgin olive oil

Clean the fish, removing the fishbone with a pointed knife, starting from the head, lift the bones away from the meat; when they are well raised, with a knife cut the flesh up to the central bone of the bone (backbone); at this point pass the fingers of the hand under the backbone and begin to tear it first from the head to the tail. If you use anchovies you won’t have to do this procedure.

Cut the aubergines and the pepperoni into slices (lengthwise), drain the water from the aubergines and leave them to rest for about half an hour with a little coarse salt, then grill them.

Once cooked, arrange them on a plate and place a sardine (or anchovy) on each slice, salt, pepper and roll them to form a roll that you will stop with a toothpick.

Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in a large pan, pour the parsley, hot chili and garlic clove; cook for a few minutes and remove the garlic and chili pepper; lay the rolls and cook them for about half an hour, sprinkling them with white wine (or apple cider vinegar).
If you wish, you can enrich this dish by adding 300 g of diced peeled tomatoes while cooking.

Enjoy your meal!

Original recipe:


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